Why You Should Forget Everything You Learned About Custom Eyeshadow Palette


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I just bought a makeup palette made just for me. A set of colors I could use every day without getting tired of it. I concluded after buying cheap to medium-priced eyeshadow palettes (from Makeup Revolution, Sleek, the Balm, etc.) that ended up in a drawer. Unskilled

I love both my Zoeva and Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics eyeshadow palettes. I still love my custom eyeshadow palette after a few months, and I think it will be a favorite for years to come. So I’ll tell you how I made a custom eyeshadow palette that fits in my purse and can be used in many ways. Here’s what to look for and how to choose an eyeshadow palette.

Brand and size of the palette

Start with a set of eyeshadows. This could be a popular Z Palette or a MAC Pro Palette, which can fit any size pan eyeshadow, even those that have been taken out of their pots. The Z Palettes are more versatile, while the plastic palettes from MAC are more stylish and last longer. There are different brands, but most eyeshadow pans can use them. How many eyeshadows do you want? This depends on how many eyeshadows you think you’ll use, what you want the palette, and how much it costs since you’ll buy each separately. A 3-pan Z Palette costs £5.50, while a 35-pan palette costs £22.50. A four-pan MAC palette costs £8, a double-sized palette with 30 pans and an insert costs £60.

I chose a small Z Palette for £9.50 HERE because it was my first custom palette, and I already have a lot of eyeshadow palettes (which hold 9 eyeshadows). This is a great place to start unless you are a makeup artist or don’t have many eyeshadows. If you have more than 9–15 pans, you might not use all of the eyeshadows and have to pay more for refills.

Eyeshadow pans

It might be hard to choose an eyeshadow brand or mix. Makeup Geek, KIKO, Morphe, Coloured Raine, and MAC have great colors and textures. Morphe costs the least at £4.50 per pan, while MAC costs between £10 and £13.00 per pan. After looking at samples on the internet, I decided to put together a Makeup Geek eyeshadow palette because of the pigmentation and range of colors (see below). Makeup Geek eyeshadows can be found at Beauty Bay.

Choosing colors for eyeshadow

Putting together an eyeshadow palette is fun. Since each Makeup Geek Foil Eyeshadow costs £9.25, I placed my order over two months, which was good, because I knew exactly what I wanted when I bought my second item. It’s important to take your time to build a palette that will last.

When choosing finishes and colors, think about which eyeshadow colors you use the most and which ones are a little outside your comfort zone. I like the warm matte tones in the UD Naked Ultimate Basics Palette, and I saw online that Makeup Geek has samples of foil eyeshadows in many colors. Mix eyeshadows that are matte, shimmery, or frosty, and foil.


Eyeshadow palettes should be versatile so that they can be used. Fill in your eyebrows, the crease of your eyes, and the bottom lash line with a matte brown that matches your eyebrows. I’d also suggest a highlight color that can be used on the lids, inner corners, brows, and cheekbones. I think this is Makeup Geek Shimma Shimma, a highlighter with many colors. Carbon black can make a smoky eye along the top lash line or as an eyeliner with a damp, angled brush.

Custom palette arrangement

This isn’t needed to make your eyeshadow palette, but it looks nice. Set your palette up, so the eyeshadows are in rows that go well together. This will make your daily beauty routine easier. As you can see, my palette goes from light to dark, and three eyeshadows are foiled in the middle.


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