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It is a never ending story. How to get a job. The market gets more and more competitive and also the needs of employers change a lot. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. This article will show you how to make your CV more competitive by showing how you communicate and play https://cryptocasinos-au.com/casinos/hellspin/.

The ideal employee bows to the glitzy buzzwords of the working world in their language. Yet this is neither necessary nor wise.

The ideal employees are all the same: resilient, team-oriented, flexible, enthusiastic, and, of course, results-oriented. You really have to think results-oriented through to the end. My personal highlight, however, is the “natural authority” that I once discovered in a letter of application. Sounds made up, and it was, just not by me.

Supposedly it is the applicants who torment the personnel department with the eternally same phrases. And then the problem is kind of funny because we all know: Behind the shy, wooden cover letters are fantastic coders, creative geniuses, lots of potential, and, of course, the greatest people. No doubt at this point.

But all these people did not learn in their application training to scatter platitudes like ant poison in high summer. They learned: to refer to what the job ad says. And if we look at the job ads, they are looking for creatively compliant intrinsically motivated self-immolators.

Language in job ads is crucial

If you want better applications, you should formulate better job ads. And take a serious look at the question of how important – and how meaningful – the classic buzzwords actually are.

The most toxic part of the phenomenon is the power relationships these terms reflect. “Team player, resilient and flexible” is the new “children should be seen and not heard.” The predicates of meritocracy ignore that quite a few people are pretty good at what they do without meeting items on a checklist. 

Team player

Absolutely everyone has to be a team player these days. “Not a team player”, on the other hand, is one of the really bad things you can say about a person after they leave a company. What is usually meant then is: had their own opinion, held differing convictions, and did not submit to the masses.

And while certainly, everyone who works with other people should basically be able to reach a consensus, compromise, or show consideration, the notion of being a team player misleads us. Nearly half of people are on the comparatively introverted spectrum. Many of them, once they stop lying to themselves, would have no desire for teams at all. They want to do their job. Actually, there is nothing wrong with that – dealing with it is a management issue. IT shows how it is done, and it can be done very well.


Resilience is perhaps the most toxic term of all. Anyone who writes it into a job posting is holding the whip high. 


Flexibility is, of course, especially important in the world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Especially when companies plan so badly that they themselves and their employees then have to take the blame for the problems. Once again too few people were assigned to a project that is too big, once again the vacation time was not planned well, once again the cold season was not taken into account, and everything went wrong, bring on the flexible workers, and bend over.


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