Which EMR, AestheticsPro Vs. ChiroTouch, is better for your practice?


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For your practice, if you’re looking for an EMR, you’ve come to the perfect place. The two EMR AestheticsPro EMR and ChiroTouch products on the market are described in depth in this article. Let’s continue reading. 

About AestheticsPro EMR software

The AestheticsPro Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software can be used with a Web browser on desktop and mobile devices (OS Agnostic). AestheticsPro is here to significantly improve practitioner and owner performance and client happiness in medical spa enterprises! Our software handles all parts of your organization as the complete HIPAA Cloud Compliant management and expansion strategy for the contemporary medical spa. This all-inclusive medical spa software includes everything you need to successfully operate your medspa, including online booking and scheduling, a safe electronic medical record, merchant services, and marketing management. 

AestheticsPro EMR software– key features 

Management of Clients: This allows you to manage your clients through a single system effortlessly. You can view E-Records, charting, notes, before-and-after photographs, purchase history invoices, outstanding balances, and the remaining services within a single client profile. AestheticsPro’s general Client Relationship Management (CRM) capability. 

E-Prescribe: Medical experts can electronically transmit prescription data to pharmacies thanks to e-prescribing. E-Prescribe reduces errors and boosts efficiency, enabling doctors to prescribe medication to patients safely. Any device can use E-Prescribe, which is safe, cloud-based, and HIPAA compliant. 

Information and Analysis: You can gather information for all facets of your business for a thorough spa overview with our robust client reporting and business performance analysis tools. Based on a location, search criteria, and date range, reports can be generated with graphics and downloaded in MS Excel format. 

E-Records Management, E-Form Creation, and EMR: E-records management is embedded into the top medspa client management software. You may improve the client intake experience and streamline your process by designing your own personalized, interactive forms using HIPAA cloud-compliant client software. 

Solutions for Marketing: Utilize our robust filtering of your customer data to target the appropriate clients with the right message. Eblasts, touchpoint, and drip email campaigns are all a part of email marketing. Additionally, manage lead assignments for better conversions and track leads, costs, and ROI. Customer comments, ratings, reviews, and recommendations for enhancing your online presence are all included in review management. 

Online booking, scheduling, and service management: Utilize our cutting-edge medspa appointment scheduling software to let current and potential client’s book online. Your appointments may be scheduled and tracked by service, space, and equipment. 

POS systems and merchant services (POS): AestheticsPro, a point of sale (POS) solution that offers safe money collection, enables you to charge clients for treatments that have been arranged and delivered without difficulty. It is PCI compliant. Use our check-out process, compatible with UPC scanners, to make purchases. 

How does AestheticsPro EMR enhance your business? 

Users may manage and monitor their timesheets, commissions, payroll, and gratuities using AestheticsPro Online EHR Software features like staff and calendar management, preventing overbooking and other staffing difficulties. 

AestheticsPro Online EMR Software’s accounting feature enables users to create and analyze real-time dynamic sales and profit reports, aiding in making wise decisions and improving customer service. 

The marketing management feature of Aesthetics Pro Electronic Medical Records, which enables users to track leads and create customized email campaigns for a given target group, makes it simple to acquire customers. These campaigns can also be edited and modified in real-time.  The AestheticsPro Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software may be utilized on desktop and mobile devices and is compatible with a Web browser (OS Agnostic). 

AestheticsPro EMR Pricing plan  

AestheticsPro provides three pricing options. Solo Provider: This option is perfect for small, new practices with just one location. The monthly cost is $125.00. Enterprise and Enterprise Plus have monthly fees of $185.00 and $245.00, respectively. Your medical spa business can be optimized with the assistance of AestheticsPro’s qualified staff. We can help you and your employees develop the most acceptable implementation strategy for your business’s use of our med spa software by helping you define essential components of it and by comprehending your goals. We are devoted to supporting the success of our partners. 

Additionally, you will have unrestricted access to our Discovery Webinar series on trending subjects and our e-learning collection of tutorial videos that cover the complete software suite. 

AestheticPro EMR Reviews  

According to online reviews, most buyers are happy with this product. Users praise the tool for being simple to use and for having excellent templates for developing forms. Visit our Reviews area to read a variety of sincere recommendations. 

Is ChiroTouch be an alternate to AestheticsPro?  

The fast-paced chiropractic offices of today are the target market for Integrated Practice Solutions Inc.’s ChiroTouch Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software. Its Practice Management (PM) software and integrated EMR system provide rapid documentation, built-in compliance, automated billing, and native iOS/Android mobile apps. 

The ICD-10-ready and HIPAA-compliant ChiroTouch EMR Software. Chiropractic practitioners were the target audience when ChiroTouch Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software was developed to help them streamline their clinical, administrative, and financial operations. It offers on-premises and cloud-based server deployment options and serves practices of various sizes. 

For safer and better interoperability, ChiroTouch’s EMR is linked to a lab interface, e-prescription (e-Rx), imaging, and diagnostic tools. Their patient portal is an additional integrated platform for direct connection between patients and providers. Patients can request pharmaceutical refills, see their lab results, view previous consultations, schedule their next appointment, and send files via secure messaging. 

ChiroTouch chiropractic EMR software benefits include: 


  • It’s easy to use, and the design makes sense. The websites have a clean appearance and are easy to navigate between them. 
  • It is simple to use, incredibly user-friendly, handles many of the minor issues associated with running a business for you, and user assistance is readily available and beneficial. 

ChiroTouch chiropractic EMR software has the following drawbacks: 

  • It takes a lot of time and work to create macros. After they are finished, there is no issue, but it takes a lot of work at the beginning. 
  •  At times, it seems like the help team is a little sluggish. The company has expanded over the past year and occasionally seems to have lost its direction, but it still provides products of the highest caliber. 

ChiroTouch Chiropractic EMR Cost: The monthly cost of this software package starts at $259.00.

For further information >> Cloud-Based EMR Market Growth Opportunity


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