Upcoming Events in Boston To Make Your Christmas Month Entertaining 


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This post talks about the best Christmas activities in Boston, including things to do at night, for free, and with the whole family.

Read the post about activities and upcoming events in Boston that make the biggest holiday season wonderful! 


This section has our top things to do in Boston during the Christmas holidays. 

1) Lighting of the tree on Boston Common

On December 1, 2022, there will be a ceremony to light the tree in Boston Common. This is one of the most famous holiday events in Boston.

There will be a great figure skating ice show with performances by well-known competitive skaters in groups, as soloists, and in other ways.

After the show, there will be a free skating party at the Boston Common Frog Pond, put on by the Skating Club of Boston.

After the show, around 7:55 pm, local groups host the Tree Lighting Ceremony, which has refreshments, music, and entertainment.

The tree will have almost 7,000 lights on it! At the end of the ceremony, there is a great fireworks show.

2) Go to a concert or show at the theatre.

During the Christmas season, Boston will host a number of great shows with holiday themes.

Here’s a list of some that we think you might enjoy while you’re there:

  • Celebrate the Holidays with Patti LaBelle on December 2
  • Find Your Hero: Disney on Ice – December 22nd to December 31st
  • A Christmas Carol [Beverly, MA] – December 17th
  • Urban Nutcracker is from December 17th to December 23rd
  • Kenny G, December 17th

3) Holiday of Christmas

The Christmas Festival at the Seaport World Trade Center in early November gets people in the mood for the holidays.

This festival shows off the work of more than 350 American artists who sell one-of-a-kind crafts that would make great gifts for the holidays.

Tickets can be bought in advance for $13 ($16 at the door, $14 online), and they are good for all 3 days. Kids 14 and under are free!

This will happen on the 4, 5, and 6 of November in 2022.

4) Check out a Game

You can cheer for some of Boston’s professional sports teams. Depending on when you go, there will usually be a game to watch.

  • Boston Bruins
  • The Patriots of New England
  • The Boston Celtics

5) To save money, use a tourist pass

A tourist pass is a great way to save money this holiday season while seeing the best of Boston.

You’ll find great deals on popular tourist spots, giving you more money for Christmas shopping.

There are passes that let you pay one flat price for the specific services you want to use. An all-inclusive pass gives you access to many attractions and live music in Boston over a certain number of days.

Here are some of the most interesting places that these passes give you access to:

  • Hop-on, hop-off tour on a trolley
  • Aquarium in New England
  • Six Flags New England is a theme park in New England.
  • Skywalk Observatory
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Science Museum
  • Boston Bike Rental
  • A Tour of Fenway Park
  • Tour on a Boston Duck
  • Franklin Park Zoo

Even more!

The type of pass you choose and how you use it, could save you anywhere from 20% to 50% off general admission prices.

You’ll also be able to skip the line at certain places as part of each service.

6) Christmas in Back Bay

During the Christmas season, many local shops will have special decorations, and every Tuesday in December, stores will have special sales and deals that are great for holiday shoppers.

Every Tuesday at 10 a.m., we have our Back Bay Tour, which ends right in the area.

7) Events in Harvard Square

Harvard Square has many free events that anyone can go to all throughout the year.

During the holidays, on December 17th and 18th, they will host a virtual Christmas concert. On the two weekends right before Christmas, there will also be a holiday fair (December 9th – 11th and 16th – 18th).

These are some amazing activities and upcoming events in Boston to discover in the coming holiday season. 


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