Top Tips for Decorating Your Teenager’s Bedroom


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Being a parent is arguably one of the most rewarding and equally challenging jobs anyone can ever have, and there will have been and indeed, will be again in the future, times when you are pulling your hair out due to either your child’s behavior or attitude.

However, regardless of the age of your child, a safe and private place for your teenager to retreat to is always going to be a great idea, both for you and them. So, with this in mind, here are some top tips for decorating your teenager’s bedroom.

An Engaging Study Space

First and foremost, even though there may be many times during the average week whereby there is nothing your teenager wants to do less than to get their homework completed for an evening, designing a unique and engaging study space may well go some way to help.

The good news is that all you need is a slim desk, either pushed up against the window or else the wall of their room, and a selection of different pen-pots and other organizational items on the desk itself. Converse with your teenager to ascertain their latest passions in terms of music and television series and decorate the wall above the desk with posters and wall art from their favorite movies.

Create Chill-Out Zones

There is nothing any teenager loves more than being on their own in their room with either their laptop computer, smartphone or video gaming console and even though you should restrict the amount of time they spend doing so, creating the ideal space is essential.

By far the best option for creating a relaxing and easy-to-maintain chill-out zone for your teenager’s room is to treat them to a giant bean bag, and if you are feeling particularly generous, an extra bean bag cover or two in different colors and designs.

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Fairy Lights & Unique Light Fittings

As you will be all too aware from your own experience as a teenager, the mixture of unpredictable hormones and the physical changes occurring during this time can create a confusing conflict of moods and emotions.

Although you may well not be aware of just how effective lighting can be in terms of influencing mood, the truth is that different levels and even different colored lighting can truly help your teenager to relax and be at one with themselves, even on a difficult day.

Closed Storage

As much as it is important to consider your teenager’s moods and emotions when designing and decorating their bedroom, you should also remember how untidy and downright messy you will have been at that age and apply a sense of practicality too.

The best way to allow your teenager to live in a nesting way, with their belongings, clothes, and games around them is to ensure there are enough closed storage spaces at the back of the room that, when and if required, can be used to enclose all manner of items out of sight.


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