The Key Considerations When Selling Your Car


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Whether you want to replace your current car or just want some extra money, selling your vehicle can be a great solution. It’s certainly far better than letting your car waste away on your driveway or in the garage, but the process of selling your car to someone else will take some effort. If you are patient and willing to put the work in, however, you will find someone happy to take your motor off of your hands for a good price. If you are interested in selling your car, here are some of the main things that you will need to consider.

1.    Where to Sell?

If you want to reach more potential buyers, then advertising your car online is likely the best way to go. Various websites are dedicated to second-hand car sales which would be the ideal place to advertise. However, you can also use websites like Craigslist, Gumtree, or other general selling sites. You might also want to think about putting an advert in a local paper or posting on social media to see if that could catch anyone’s eye, too.

2.    Be Realistic in Your Pricing

Of course, you will want to receive a fair price for the type of vehicle that you are selling, especially if it’s a popular car brand and in great condition. However, remember that this is second-hand, so asking for the price you paid for it might not work in your favor. People don’t want to pay retail prices for used cars, so do some research to see how much other vehicles that are similar to yours are being sold for. You should also be prepared to negotiate with some buyers.

3.    Transporting the Vehicle

If you end up selling your vehicle to a buyer who doesn’t leave nearby, you will need to consider the logistics of getting the car to them. They might be willing to have someone else drive them down to pick up the car from you, but if this isn’t possible, you will need to ship the vehicle to them. Discuss the cost of transporting the car with the buyer and see if they are willing to cover the cost themselves or at least spilt these costs with you. You can find vehicle shipping quotes at

4.    Safety When Viewing

A lot of customers will want to come and see the car before they commit to a sale, as this is the sensible thing to do. It is important to consider your safety, particularly as the people you meet will likely be strangers. You might want to think about storing your vehicle somewhere other than your property so that your address isn’t shared with people you don’t know. At the very least, make sure there is another person present when someone comes to view your vehicle and that you do this in a safe environment.

There are other important considerations when selling your old car, but these are all good places to start to help you ensure you’re getting the most out of your sale.


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