Tepezza Lawsuits are Gaining Momentum: Lawyers Extend Help for Recovering Damages


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Tepezza, also called ‘teprotumumab-trbw,’ is the only FDA-approved drug for treating TED (Thyroid Eye Disease). Even though the drug provides the required treatment and relief to patients, there has been evidence of hearing loss in many.

Many patients developed tinnitus and permanent hearing loss after using this drug. They filed lawsuits against Horizon Therapeutics PLC, the manufacturer of Tepezza. In the lawsuits, people charged the company guilty of failure to warn the patients of the drug’s hazardous side effects.

In July 2023, About Lawsuits reported on an increasing number of complaints from victims who suffered from hearing issues after using Tepezza. The drug maker conducted a study that revealed about 16% of participants witnessed hearing issues after taking the drug.

Horizon Therapeutics and University of Michigan researchers have published findings from a small study in a journal named Endocrine Practice. It highlighted that most patients affirmed the drug’s efficacy and described the hearing issues they faced. Other ear problems caused by the drug include complete hearing loss, Eustachian tube dysfunction, and autophony.

In this article, we will discuss the rising number of Tepezza legal claims and how lawyers are managing them to get the victims the justice they deserve. Additionally, we will also talk about how to file a Tepezza Lawsuit correctly.

Tepezza Lawsuits & A Team of Twelve Lawyers

In June 2023, Law.com reported that twelve lawyers were managing the increasing Tepezza legal claims. Thomas Durkin, the U.S. District Judge, had held a conference in the MDL about this. He had appointed five women and seven men to spearhead the Tepezza legal cases, which also comprised three co-led plaintiffs’ counsel.

The team included Mary Condon Wells, the liaison counsel of Chicago’s Wallace Miller, along with eight other members of the executive committee. According to Panagiotis “Pete” Albanis, a Fort Myers partner said that Horizon Therapeutics was aware that the drug could result in hearing problems, but still didn’t update the FDA about it. They didn’t even add warning labels on time to address this issue.

A few of the lead lawyers in the team, such as Sletvold and Becker, were appointed in other MDLs in Illinois Northern District for lawsuits on preterm infant formula by Abbott. They also managed other legal cases which involved hair relaxers.

Becker, in the court papers, said that his firm had filed over a dozen legal claims and created a team for litigating the case. In 2022, they held periodic meetings to evaluate general liability in the litigation process, the current state of science, and improved litigation techniques.

The work put in by these lawyers gives hope to individuals who suffered after using Tepezza to get compensated for their loss.

Getting the Legal Process Correct

Scientifically, Tepezza causes a host of hearing issues that affect a person’s overall life quality. A few of the potent hearing problems include:

  • Partial or permanent hearing loss
  • Sensorineural hearing loss
  • Tinnitus
  • Heightened sensitivity to the general sound
  • Patulous Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  • A constant sensation that one’s ears are plugged or feeling full

If you or someone you know has faced these issues, it is necessary to seek immediate medical assistance. Once medically proven, that using Tepezza caused the hearing loss or other ear issues, it is essential to file a lawsuit to recover the damages. The best way is to connect with a lawyer with relevant experience and who can guide you accordingly.

According to a Drugwatch report, the Tepezza lawsuits are in their initial stages. To date, there haven’t been any settlements or jury verdicts. However, the lawyers are still taking cases. There are nearly 42 cases pending in the newly created MDL, as of July 2023.

People who want to file a lawsuit must collect the necessary evidence. For instance, they need to keep their medical records, proof of expenses related to the injuries, details of Tepezza instruction, medical bills, and personal accounts of the injuries handy. It will enable lawyers to build a strong case to present in court.

It is equally essential to learn about the settlement amounts to have correct expectations. TorHoerman Law states that it is very early to declare a precise settlement amount for Tepezza cases. All the allegations against Horizon Therapeutics are severe. The fact that similar legal cases in the past have sanctioned substantial settlement amounts to victims sounds hopeful.


No one knew or could predict that Tepezza, whilst curing TED, would lead to hearing issues. In August 2022, Daniel Weibel from Arizona filed the first lawsuit against this drugmaker after facing permanent hearing loss from using the drug. The number has gone up ever since, and lawyers are trying their best to mitigate the cases. 

Therefore, people who have been prescribed Tepezza to get relief from TED should be alert. They must check with their doctors about the safety of the drug before using it. Knowing the correct dose and duration of use is also crucial. And if they face any hearing or ear issues after using the drug, they should seek medical and legal assistance simultaneously. That way, while they prepare to get compensated for their losses, they also raise awareness about the dangers of the drug.


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