Personal injury in Los Angeles: Check these pointers


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Were you injured because the neighbor’s dog was not on the leash? Were you hurt in a car crash because the other driver rammed into your car? Or did you suffer the consequences of medical malpractice? No matter the situation, dealing with a personal injury is never easy. Time is everything, and it is absolutely necessary that you seek legal help. Here are some things to do after getting injured in Los Angeles.

  1. See a doctor. Even if you think that your injuries are not severe, you should check with a trauma or injury doctor and discuss the treatment you need. People often start seeing symptoms weeks after an accident, and it could be hard to prove that the accident resulted in these injuries. You need to see a doctor immediately.
  2. Collect evidence. Unless you are entirely unconscious or in bad shape after the accident, make sure to collect evidence from the scene. You can take photos of everything around you, including your injuries. Also, check if there are witnesses and gather their names, addresses, and phone numbers. You also need the same details plus the insurance info of the defendant.
  3. Talk to an attorney. There are many law firms in Los Angeles that take up all sorts of personal injury cases, and you can rely on skilled lawyers to advise you on the legal options and how to deal with the situation. Your lawyer will also share the dos and don’ts you must follow and how you can avoid further complications.
  4. Ask about your case in detail. You should only pursue a personal injury claim if you hope to recover a fair settlement. For instance, if the expected compensation is just $5,000, you can probably deal with things alone. Ask the attorney about their fee, which is usually contingent on the outcome, and the final amount you can expect.
  5. Be careful with insurance companies. Compensation for personal injury cases should cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Talk to the attorney and let them discuss the final settlement with the insurance company. The claims adjuster will want you to settle immediately or give a statement – none of which may go in your favor.

Finally, ensure that you keep up with your treatment plan and record everything you have spent so far because of the accident. Your lawyer will want that information as they negotiate the final amount for the case. 


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