How to Use Octopus CRM LinkedIn Automation Tool


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It’s no secret that Linkedin takes the winning positions among all the other social media platforms when it comes to lead generation. In fact, around 96% of marketers use this platform for marketing and sales efforts. 

You must be wondering – why so many?

Well, this platform offers huge opportunities for building meaningful relationships with businesses and networking with people all over the world. Thus, helping in finding potential customers for your brands. 

Although, prospecting and making connections on LinkedIn is not a five-minute job. Fortunately, there is a Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tool, made just for you to ease your pain and help you in getting the most out of this lead generation platform.

Now the question must be arising in most of the reader’s minds: what exactly is the Octopus CRM tool, and how to use the Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tool? But, first, one must understand what are LinkedIn automation tools in detail:

What are LinkedIn automation tools?

LinkedIn automation tools help you to perform and automate activities, so you don’t have to do them manually. For example, LinkedIn automation helps you perform actions like sending an automated message, reaching out to a maximum number of people, analyzing profiles, follow-up messages, or giving best-of-breed results. These LinkedIn automation tools offer the following benefits:

  • Analyze data and provide suggestions.
  • Collect essential data at a significant level. 
  • Run personalized campaigns. 

So we can say that LinkedIn automation tools are here for you to make it easier for you to achieve your professional and business goals. 

Types of LinkedIn automation tools

There are basically two types of lead generation tools:

  • Browser-based automation tools

In order to use such types of tools, one is required to open LinkedIn from their browser and download the tool as an extension. The features of these tools are:

  • You can not use this tool 24/7.
  • You have to use a different IP address each time you log in. This may raise red flags.
  • They mostly rely on browser caching, which makes them vulnerable to detection. 
  • Cloud-based automation tools 

These types of tools are much safer to use as they integrate with your LinkedIn account. You may select filters and settings for the activity you wish to automate by logging into your LinkedIn account using your automation tool.

Some of the major benefits of adopting a cloud-based LinkedIn automation solution are as follows:

  • A unique IP address.
  • It is more difficult to identify because it does not operate on the front end like browser-based technologies.
  • Advanced features that help in increasing conversion rates.

Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools offer an edge over browser-based competitors in terms of convenience and enhanced security. The catch is that they are typically more expensive than their browser-based counterparts.

Now, let’s talk about the Octopus CRM LinkedIn lead generation tool

Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM is the leading linkedin autopilot that brands make the most out of by using it to import LinkedIn connections and send automated messages and bulk connection requests. This tool lets you automate almost everything on LinkedIn in one command center and dashboard.

Octopus CRM is not a CRM, despite the fact that it has a CRM in its name. It functions independently and is more akin to an automatable LinkedIn lead finder.

Why use Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tool?

Octopus CRM is the best LinkedIn automation platform that helps you with your outreach strategy. It does all the tasks related to prospecting so that you can focus on other essential things of your business. 

If you’re looking for ways to scrape LinkedIn emails from the page, export connections, send automated follow-ups and connection requests, and automate your funnel, Octopus CRM is the right tool for you. 

This is accomplished by automating the entire procedure. Octopus CRM scans hundreds of profiles at once, sending out personalized connection requests to 2nd and 3rd-degree contacts. It can also endorse your auto-view profiles and your connections’ skills, among other things!

If you think getting prospects from LinkedIn is time-consuming, you are not alone. But it does not have to be that way. Octopus CRM is a simple-to-use tool that enables you to change your lead generation funnel whilst retaining full control over your LinkedIn account. 

Unlike many other tools, you may establish activity limitations and create a personalized funnel with Octopus CRM. For example, send a connection request, endorse skills once approved, follow up, then follow up again if there is no response. This tool can meet your company’s requirements.

You can export LinkedIn first connections in the software to handle prospects, scrape LinkedIn emails, and more. You may also utilize A/B testing to discover which campaigns perform better. You may also examine the performance of your campaigns to see your acceptance rate, response rate, and other metrics.

Thus, Octopus CRM is an ideal LinkedIn automation tool, filled with features that automate your every task on LinkedIn. At the same time, you can focus on growing your business. 

What you can do with LinkedIn automation tools?

Did you know that there are 59 million companies on LinkedIn, contactable by anyone on the site?

With this kind of reach, you might wonder how to make the most out of such an opportunity. LinkedIn automation is tailored just for you to make your tasks easier. Here’s how:

  • Automate routine tasks

The use of LinkedIn automation software enables you to carry out many routine tasks automatically. The majority of what such a platform enables you to perform is:

  • Utilizing numerous criteria to search LinkedIn for potential leads
  • Contacting identified leads with connection requests
  • Scheduling the publication of content
  • Interacting with external accounts if they meet certain requirements
  • The management and evaluation of a social media post campaign
  • Sending automated messages to leads’ accounts
  • Getting information about a campaign’s performance

This enables reliable and error-free communication with leads, which can be highly helpful in a variety of sectors.

  • Extract data easily

Automation tools can pull data from conversations you have with connections on LinkedIn. This could involve saving comments, keeping track of remarks, or noting responses. This will increase the accuracy of the statistics you are tracking. Certain types of data can be compared and contrasted. 

  • Overcome LinkedIn connection limits

On LinkedIn, if one sends too many connection requests, then there’s a chance that your account would be flagged as spam. If such a situation arises, LinkedIn will ban your account on a temporary or permanent basis. This is something you want to avoid. Thus it’s critical to know the boundaries well before crossing them.

You can avoid exceeding these limits by using automation tools. Every day, they are permitted to send automatic connection requests or messages up to the limits they believe to be reasonable. They will then stop sending until the subsequent safe time.

  • Target your efforts better

Even when automating your messages, no one wants to send completely wasteful messages. As such, it is essential to refine the engagement with the people who are most likely to take up your connection offer. 

LinkedIn bot can search with predefined limitations that you can set. This can involve large groups of people that match your requirements, the people whom you can connect with automation tools. You can complete the whole process with little oversight, freeing yourself from other important business-related work. 

  • Automate social-media campaign

The best way to generate prospects on LinkedIn is by creating a valuable social media outreach campaign. When you run a campaign, you do not want to go online yourself and comment on each social media message. This is especially true if it entails working overtime because you have to stay online after work hours.

Instead, you may employ a messaging system with LinkedIn automation. You can upload messages in this manner, and the system will automatically post them at predetermined intervals. This can occur again during a day, a week, or even several months.

  • Increase your connections

With the use of automation tools, you can establish the tool with a maximum daily reach for new connection requests. Set the tool to visit the required number of profiles daily. As a result, some of these contacts will view your profile, which will optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract new connections.


LinkedIn is a game-changer when it comes to generating prospects and sealing deals. But the activities and tasks needed to help you succeed can be time-consuming. 

That’s where LinkedIn automation tools come into play. Such tools help in the automation of almost every task on LinkedIn. With dozens of linkedIn automation tools, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. 

Octopus CRM is among the best automation tools available. Its features are tailored to your needs and requirements. It can automate sending follow-up messages, connection requests, and so on. Also, it can easily scrape data from your LinkedIn account. Once you understand how to use Octopus CRM LinkedIn automation tool, it will help you a lot to increase your brand’s presence on LinkedIn. 

Use Octopus CRM and free up your sales team to focus on other relevant things of the business. 


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