How to Launch a Mobile App in 2022: A Complete Guide


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These days a smartphone is more than just a device for communication. It has become an integrated part of our lives as it updates us constantly with the dynamic changes occurring around the globe. Mobiles have made our day-to-day activities simple and have increased the productivity of human beings. From the latest world news to connecting our friends in another corner of the globe, everything is accessible via a single click with the help of a mobile phone. Different businesses have different requirements, so you need a custom app developer to make the application per your needs.

However, the popularity of mobiles can be credited to the applications that are inbuilt into mobile or can be downloaded. There are around 6 million applications present in the Apple store and Google Playstore combined. From bus tickets to flight tickets, everything is accessible through these applications. Nowadays, every business or startup has its mobile application. 

However, people often feel confused while choosing the right platform to release or launch their app. Some might think of launching their application across all platforms. The number of apps has been flooded across various platforms. So it is very challenging for the business to get an edge over competitors and develop an app to impress and sustain your customers. However, one of the most crucial steps is to make custom app development to fulfill the objective of your organization.

From providing you entertainment to tracking your health, there is an application for everything. So, to capitalize in such a competitive market, you must go through these steps to make a successful mobile application. 

Steps to follow while launching Mobile App in 2022

Perform Market Research

If you plan to launch your mobile application, do market research in-depth, as the competition in the market is far more than your imagination. It has been noticed that millions of apps are already available in the play store and apple store, which means that there is already massive competition in the market in all niches. In such scenarios, doing deep market research will give you an edge over your competitors. You can better understand the pros and cons of the applications available in the market. You will know the areas where your competition is falling apart, which will become an advantage for your apps. If you use your market research judiciously, your app might become the new ruler in the niche. It will also assist you in custom app development as per the market and customers’ needs. Also, do not forget to research your target audience to optimize your app accordingly extensively. 

Use Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful ways for a business to increase brand awareness and reach potential customers. Everyone is present on this platform, so you can get a comprehensive approach to get the customers’ attention and make some pre-launch events before launching your application. People follow signup, discover, shop, and learn more from the business on social media. Posting stores, infographics, videos, stores, etc., on social media, might attract potential customers. Link your application to the accounts of social media before launching the app. This objective is not to generate more traffic but to get real-time downloads. Use the social media app that has more popularity among people rather than the newly launched social platform. Social sites having high users will be ideal platforms to promote your app. Make pre-launch customized buzz that will encourage the public to sign up.

Develop Right Content

Content marketing has gained significant popularity in the past few years. Content can be used in different forms, such as website content, press releases, guest posts, and blog posts. Content is the most suitable way to connect with your potential customers; good content can bring them close to your application. You must have to schedule the content before the launch of your application. It is also advised to check feedback and reviews of your content periodically.

Prepare a Demonstration 

Before launching your app, you must prepare a demo video, which can be done easily by visual audio or video recorder application. You must explain the “how to use,” “benefits of the app,” etc. Also, tell them the impact of the app on your business and life. Numerous applications of the same niche are available in the market, so you must tell your user how it differs from the available ones. 

A successful app demonstration can enhance the number of downloads and improve the download rates. Your marketing team representative can use the demo to highlight the description to potential customers. 

Choose App Store

Do not go for multiple stores in the initial days of launching the application. You must choose a single app store as it will give you good concentration and a higher app rating. There will be some periodic needs for the changes in your application; hence, having a single platform will cost you less. The primary app stores are the Apple Store and Google Play Store, so you must first choose any platform and launch your app on another platform after its stability.


Launching a mobile application is a tremendous task, and there is always scope for improvement. You must always take care of the market needs and reassess the market’s demand. Many reliable agencies are ready with the custom app developers to make possible changes timely. Always make necessary updates on your app to keep the users engaged. Building awareness before launching the app will provide your users with the hint associated with the purpose and benefits of the app. So, when you launch your app in the play store, it should look unique and make an unforgettable impression on the users.


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