How Much Does Electricity Cost Per Month For A Business In The UK?


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As a business owner, you are well aware of the benefits of finding a good deal and the significance of controlling expenditures. But if you are not attentive, you can wind up spending a lot more than you should for your company’s electricity. You may be curious about how much electricity costs per month for a business in the UK?

Well, in this guide, I will be discussing standard business utility bills to help you better understand what constitutes good value for your money, as well as outlining the costs and details included in your electricity bills so you can spend much better.

How Much Do Commercial Energy Costs Typically Cost In The UK?

Knowing this information makes it easier to determine whether your company is spending too much on gas and electricity. There are two scenarios in which you’ll unquestionably pay more for energy than you should:

•       If you allowed an old energy contract to lapse without negotiating a replacement.

•       If you’ve never changed suppliers or renegotiated your current contract with your present supplier.

Even though you may have switched, it still pays to keep an eye on rates in case your current contract needs to be renewed. Kilowatt-hours (kWh), which are simple units of power equal to 1,000 watts, are used to measure average energy use in the UK.

One kilowatt hour of energy is used every two hours by a computer as well as the monitor, for example, which consumes about 500 watts per hour.

Do not be concerned if your company is consuming more than others of similar size; rather, use this as a hint that you may be able to move without losing much money.

Additionally, keep in mind that every business has different energy consumption patterns, and depending on how your company operates, it may just use extra energy than others.

Think of the aforementioned numbers as a suggestion rather than strict restrictions because what might be the average annual gas consumption for one business or the average annual electricity usage for another might not correspond with your experience.

The good news is that there are several methods your company may lower its average energy use and the numbers on your gas as well as electricity consumption meters.

Average Business Electricity Consumption

•       Micro Businesses: 5000 to 15,000-kilowatt hour electricity consumption; £650 to £1800 Electricity bill

•       Small Businesses: 15,000 to 30,000-kilowatt hour electricity consumption; £1900 to £2900 Electricity bill

•       Medium Businesses: 30,000 to 50,000-kilowatt hour electricity consumption; £3300 to £5000 Electricity bill

•       Large Businesses: More than 55,000-kilowatt hours of electricity consumption; £26,033 Electricity bill

Other than that, you must also know that the amount of energy that your typical business uses relies on a variety of factors, such as:

•       Intensity and duration of the electrical use in the equipment and appliances

•       The day, week, and year

•       Your company’s size

•       The type of your firm and how much energy it uses for other businesses

How To Reduce The Electricity Costs For Your Business

Reducing workplace power use is a smart business decision since it saves finances and improves working situations which may also boost employee productivity as well as lower carbon emissions, all of which improve a company’s reputation.

Energy is one of the greatest controllable overheads in office buildings. Not to mention that using Utility Bidder‘s straightforward and affordable energy-saving methods for offices can save your energy costs by up to 45%.

However, cutting down on gas and electricity expenditures in a busy office setting can seem difficult. It may feel like your expenditures are out of your hands because you need to run electrical supplies in addition to heating in the winter, as well as using air conditioning in the summer.

This succinct summary illustrates the best energy-saving potential for office-based businesses and how straightforward steps can reduce energy use, save expenses as well as boost productivity.

It demonstrates how savings in all workplaces are simply feasible and does not require any upfront outlay by concentrating on low-cost as well as zero-cost initiatives with the fastest payback. A great strategy to include your entire team in a collective endeavor to conserve energy is to take advantage of the many opportunities that are within staff control.

How To Reduce The Amount Of Electricity Your Company Uses

Your company’s energy consumption can be decreased by managing and improving energy efficiency. There are numerous methods for doing this, including:

•       Doing an energy audit

•       Utilizing energy-saving lighting

•       Using computers that use little energy

•       Greening up your workforce

•       Putting in energy generation equipment

Even while the success of any energy-saving initiative depends on the sort of business you operate as well as on the actions you take, you must know that even a few simple adjustments can have a significant impact.

Monitor How Much Energy Is Being Used

By examining your energy bills from the previous year, you can get a better understanding of your energy usage and develop an image of your monthly execution. Larger businesses typically have meters documenting half-hourly electricity consumption, and your energy supplier should have this information obtainable for comparison with your invoices.

However, you should manually document monthly meter readings if your workplace does not retain half-hourly or smart power meters. By performing these steps, it will be possible to identify areas of inefficient energy use, which will facilitate the formulation of realistic goals for cutting workplace electricity use.


We have reached the conclusion of this article; hopefully, it has provided the answers you were seeking to the question, “How much does electricity cost per month for a business in the UK?” As a business owner, you must apply practices that can help you save money on your electricity bills.

It will be good for you to contact your energy supplier for an installation request for a smart energy meter. Smart meters will make it easier for you to monitor and comprehend your energy usage, and since the meter informs the supplier directly of your usage, you won’t receive estimated bills anymore, either. 


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