How European infant formulas differ from the US ones


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Parents all over the world are trying to find the best baby food for their loved ones. And sometimes, it takes some time to make the right decision on which formula is the most suitable and enriching. Despite the fact that there are lots of formulas on the supermarkets’ shelves, parents find the process of choosing slightly overwhelming and confusing. 

The question of choosing between US baby formulas and European ones is widespread. It turns out that Europe creates things slightly different and many experts claim that their formulas have the highest quality of ingredients. All because of their approaches to feeding animals and growing plants. 

So, let’s dive deeper and find out the main differences between European and US infant formulas.

European infant formula

These formulas are one of the best alternatives of breast milk. Mainly, they include lactose derived from cow’s or goat’s milk. The EU is known for being quite strict to their conditions of production, and baby food is no exception. They do their best to include elements that keep infants healthy and make them develop timely. European fields are considered to be the cleanest ones, so growing cattle there is a great decision. That’s why this milk is so valuable and appreciated. You can read more information on this topic here – original source link.

US infant formulas

US baby formulas are nice alternatives to breast milk as well. But there are some points that you need to take into account.  They may include animal-based milk that is a great source of energy for little kids. Or they can be based on plant proteins such as soy, to make it possible for children with lactose-intolerance to consume them. Unfortunately, most of American baby formulas have some sweeteners in their composition which plays an important role for parents while choosing.

  1. Sugar and sweeteners

Most American baby formulas are sweetened with plant-based ingredients such as corn syrup and sucrose. And it is commonly contested by many doctors all over the world. 

Most European organic baby formulas are free from any sweeteners and that is why many American families are eager to buy them. But as breast milk is naturally sweet, European formulas include delicious cow’s or goat’s lactose which also has a great taste. 

2. Extra ingredients

Even though American organic baby formulas are also high quality, European ones include some quite valuable elements that affect a baby’s health in a positive way. For example, the EU requires DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA (arachidonic acid) in the composition of baby formula, which have a lot of benefits. Many American formulas have DHA as well, but it’s mostly voluntary in the US. Moreover, the EU formulas utilize probiotics and prebiotics which can help to support the gastroenterological system and make it work better. You may underestimate these elements, but they are extremely important for little babies whose digestive system is so gentle.

3. The variety

It’s quite a well-known fact that European baby formulas are wide in their stages and functions. That is the real advantage! When American baby formulas are good for kids with no gastroenterological issues, European ones can deal with different conditions such as lactose intolerance, gas, allergy, diarrhea and others. In addition, they come in different stages, so you can choose the right one for your child’s age and it will enrich them with all the necessary nutrients.

4. The price and availability

On the other hand, American baby formulas are slightly cheaper than European ones and easier to get if you live in America. There can be some problems with shipping or it can be very time-consuming to wait for European baby formula. So even though they have a lot of advantages, Americans prefer to choose their national ones.

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