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Professional certification plays a very significant role in the process of making a career. It gives proof of your being experienced and knowledgeable about any particular field. However, there are so many online courses that can help you to build your confidence in the same. 

Be it technical field or non-technical, by gaining a certificate; you are eligible to sit for placements with greater skills and credibility. Listed below are some online courses which not only provide you with the right knowledge but also help you with guaranteed placements:

  1. Product Management

The domain of product management has taken pace in the past few years. A product manager is responsible for understanding the functioning of the product. In an organisation, product management plays a very significant role.

Who Should Apply

If you are a student who loves to understand the life cycle of the product by gathering, managing, and prioritizing ideas for new products. 

Duration: 5-7 Months

  1. Business Analytics

Business analytics work in an organization, where they try to improve the working of their organization by bridging the gap between the IT field and business teams.

Due to the increment in businesses and start-ups, business analytics became a high-demand job. 

Who Should Apply

If you are a student who is keenly interested in learning about businesses and their working, this course is made for you. 

Duration: 3-5 Months

  1. Financial Planner

With a big organization, it also comes a responsibility to manage the finances. The financial planner course has become one of the more important certifications worldwide. 

Who Should Apply

A person with a keen interest in learning about finances and managing them. 

Duration: 4-6 Months

  1. Computer Science

Computer science has taken the edge over others in recent years. It generally consists of a C programming course, JAVA, and Python language, along with Full Stack Development and IoT, in order to master the field. With a deep knowledge of these languages, you can easily get a job.

Who Should Apply

If you have an interest in going deep into technical skills and understanding the process of how this digital world works, this course is a good fit for you. 

Duration: 6-8 Months

  1. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an invention of the new digital world. It enables to exchange of information between people and things. Digital fashion has inclined toward wearing digital watches bearing smartphones, which has given IoT an essential rise in the past few years. 

A smart home security system is one of the best examples of the Internet of Things. 

Who Should Apply

If you want to understand deeply about devices that are connecting people today, you should take this course. 

Duration: 5-7 Months


The new world has changed everything, so it is time to broaden our perspectives and dive deeply into understanding various fields. These certifications have become a necessity to grab a good salary job. There are numerous ways by which you can start any course at any time. You just need to start.


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