eClinicalWorks vs Praxis EMR: Stepping into the Details of Top EMRs


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Making the conversion to electronic medical records (EMR) systems can be a difficult decision. There are so many alternatives on the market that it can be challenging to decide which is best for your practice. This blog article will evaluate the features, benefits, and drawbacks of eClinicalWorks EMR software vs Praxis EMR. We will assist you in determining which software is best for you.

eClinicalWorks, an EHR and practice management system, offers technology for every stage of the patient care delivery process. Clinicians can use technologies such as patient engagement, Telehealth, targeted message campaigns, population health data, and customizable reminders.

Praxis EMR provides many customization options to fit the demands of physicians in addition to a comprehensive set of functions for operations such as billing and charting. Another key benefit is its intuitiveness and ability to learn from its users. However, buyer feedback indicates that the gadget has a steep learning curve that may take some time to get used to.

eClinicalWorks EMR

Key Features

Improved Patient Engagement

Patients may obtain personal health information, visit summaries, and test results through the patient engagement tools. Patients can use the patient site to make appointments online via ‘healow Open Access,’ manage their medications, and contact their doctor. The ‘healow’ app family contains various tools for managing one’s lifestyle and health in English and Spanish. The ‘healow’ app empowers patients by giving them access to data on their weight, exercise, sleep, and other factors. The ‘healow’ Mom app also provides information on each stage of pregnancy to expectant mothers.

Electronic Health Record

The Population Care Planning feature of eCW helps healthcare practitioners better understand their patient’s overall health and wellness, including lifestyle choices, daily activities, and social and community support. Collaborative care planning with the patient, their family or caregivers, and all other care team members is the cornerstone of patient-centric care. You may better manage patients with various chronic conditions who are eligible for Medicare by integrating CCM (Chronic Care Management). You can also follow patients using managed-care plans to drive better health outcomes.

Revenue Cycle Management 

You can use a self-service Practice Management model, in which you manage your own billing, or an RCM Service model, in which eClinicalWorks provides a complete end-to-end solution for your practice. Either way, you may benefit from eClinicalWorks’ industry-leading quality, first-class customer support, and 98.7% first-pass acceptance rate regarding RCM. This feature provides alarm dashboards, task queue dashboards, and performance assessment tools.

eClinicalWorks Pricing 

The official vendor profile does not include pricing information for eClinicalWorks. You may share your information with the eCW support staff to obtain a personalized estimate.

eClinicalWorks Demo

You may also book an eClinicalWorks demo to learn more about how this program will work with your clinic. You can schedule the demo by contacting the eClinicalWorks support staff.

eClinicalWorks Reviews

According to the eClinicalWorks reviews, it is moderately priced, according to users, when compared to competing for EMR programs. It is similarly simple to use and meets many practices management needs.

Praxis EMR

Key Features

Medical Charting 

The clinical charting tool of Praxis EMR makes charting extremely simple since the computer analyses your needs and adjusts gradually to meet them. It anticipates what you’ll need and the settings you’ll need when charting, making the process considerably more manageable. Furthermore, the charting tool’s intelligence analyses the data you enter and proposes plausible diagnoses to examine, allowing you to reach clinical conclusions much faster than previously, which is profitable and saves your time as well.


‘SureScripts’ is a third-party program that Praxis EMR software uses as an efficient e-prescribing tool that completes the process in seconds. This powerful system connects to most pharmacies in the United States. You can electronically transmit medications to pharmacies before your visit. This system also accepts prescription refill requests.

Medical Research Tools

The Practice “DataMiner” is a cutting-edge piece of medical research technology. You get quick access to all patient group data. Choose from the list of already asked questions, or submit your own. Praxis is ideal for applying new ideas in medical research, clinical trials, and health care.

Praxis EMR Pricing 

Praxis EMR is reasonably priced, making it an excellent choice for most operations. The program costs $259 per month per physician, which is reasonable and affordable for even the most minor practices. Large practises can also ask the Praxis sales team for a tailored estimate.

Praxis EMR Demo

Scheduling a Praxis EMR demo on the official website allows you to evaluate how it can be utilized to improve your medical practice. The demo will also answer any queries you might have regarding the software. 

Praxis EMR Reviews

According to many Praxis EMR reviews, consumers like it because of its user-friendly design and adjustable capabilities. Moreover, it improves patient engagement with the help of the patient portal. 

Final Remarks

The core features of eClinicalWorks are cheap and suitable for most medical practices. Several customers, however, claimed that the salespeople had oversold them on the items. Many consumers reported dissatisfaction with their inability to obtain the required functions and said navigating the system interface was difficult.

The artificial intelligence-powered Praxis EMR software assists physicians in streamlining their operations. It keeps track of how the software’s features are used. The approaches are simplified and modified to the demands of the practice after examining the acquired data. It does not provide pre-made templates; instead, it lets each practice create its own templates based on its needs and expertise.

In a nutshell, eClinicalWorks and Praxis EMR are excellent clinic management tools. Both of them offer a valuable set of features for management practices. You can also watch their separate demonstrations before making a final decision since this will allow you to see them from several perspectives. Pricing is another element that can help you decide which of the two you should opt for. 


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