Denmark’s Dixa Raises $105M in Series C funding led by General Atlantic


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Dixa, a European startup, has disclosed a Series C fundraising round of $105 million. Dixa was initially founded as a customer support solution and later transformed into a consumer interaction platform. With a multi-experience strategy, the company is driving the shift from customer service to creating value, pushing the status quo, and providing value-driven interactions that provide outcomes for businesses.

With a product and a mission that suit the market’s future needs, Dixa has assisted in defining and leading this multi-experience strategy. With involvement from current investors Notion Capital Project A and Seed Capital, General Atlantic, a renowned global growth equity investor with a track record of supporting and developing businesses that altered their industries, is heading the Series C investment. Dixa expects to triple the technical team by the end of 2022 and will use the increased money to invest in product development, involving prospective future acquisitions (after Dixa acquires Melbourne-based Elevio in January 2021). The business will also concentrate on considerably expanding Dixa’s global presence.

Dixa, which was established in Denmark in 2015 and went on sale there in 2018, has rapidly expanded to become a multinational corporation with offices in Copenhagen, London, New York, Berlin, Kyiv, Tel Aviv, and Melbourne. The business makes it possible for marketers to maintain contact with consumers via new and established touchpoints like messaging, live chat, email, and phone, wherever they may be, straightforwardly and comprehensively. “Channels no longer matter to today’s consumers. They now interact completely, creating what is known as a “multi-experience.”   

According to Mads Fosselius, founder and CEO of Dixa, “we are empowering brands to consistently stay loyal to their beliefs” in this way. With the help of Dixa, brands may abandon multi-channel strategy that contributed to tech debt in the Digital Economy and switch to a more flexible and value-added method.                     

Client support representatives are better able to increase brand loyalty and establish enduring relationships with clients when they are equipped with insights that are contextually woven into a seamless conversation. By elevating the entire customer experience to Customer FriendshipTM, the human element becomes the primary consideration in all customer interactions. Customers, employees, and brands all benefit as a consequence of the increased value of the customer experience, which raises average lifetime value and [customer] retention rates by up to 15%.           


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