Choosing The Right Necklace For The Right Occasion


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It’s fascinating how something as simple as a necklace can transform your look from ‘just okay’ to ‘wow!’ Choosing the right necklace for any occasion should not be a burden if you know what to do.

You must first learn how to mix and match and know what suits you or the event for which you need the necklace. Necklaces play a huge role in making you stand out and get noticed.

The right colors will accentuate your eyes, and the right mix or match will make that outfit look exquisite. It can also help make a bold statement about you and show your style to the world.

Read on to learn tips about choosing the perfect necklace for different occasions.

What to Consider When Selecting a Necklace

1.   Consider Timeless and Versatile Jewelry

When buying a necklace, you should take into consideration how much you will be able to use it. Simple yet timeless pieces of jewelry are a must for any jewelry collection.

If you’re going to work or any casual occasion, try a tennis necklace with a pair of stud earrings. They are sophisticated enough to add glamour without looking too bold and distracting. Consider pairing your outfit with an impressive watch or an elegant ring.

A tennis necklace is great because it is simple yet sophisticated and exudes class. It’s a great way to show off your style and confidence in your appearance. Even though the tennis bracelet is ideal for a special event, here’s the kicker; you can also wear it every day! It is a classic fashion piece that is versatile.

2.   Consider Your Other Pieces of Jewelry

Think about your entire look when choosing a necklace. Choose one with a great style or design that coordinates with other items in your outfit.

For example, if you’re wearing a gold bracelet, you can choose a gold-colored necklace. If you are wearing silver jewelry, choose to wear silver. A great rule of thumb is to match metal colors and go from there.

Or, if you want something really bold, select necklaces made from contrasting metals like bronze and brass or sterling silver and gold-plated chains. You can also mix metals by layering two necklaces together at once.

3.   Consider the Occasion and Dress Code

Jewelry can be a great accessory, but knowing what to wear in certain situations is key. The piece you choose should take into account your outfit and your plans. For example, a cocktail ring might not be appropriate at a funeral or on a first date.

Here are some necklace suggestions that would fit every occasion!

●     Necklace Suggestions for a Corporate Event

Formal meetings do not have to be boring, as a crystal necklace with matching danglers accentuates that collared dress. Also, a choker necklace will suit that off-shoulder dress perfectly.

If you’re attending a high-level meeting, you want to look professional without being boring. Here, you can choose a simple gold chain with a pendant. It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary, in fact, keeping it understated is better.

This way, people will focus on your face and not on what you’re wearing when they talk with you. And that’s precisely what you want when trying to make new contacts in the business.

●     Necklace Suggestions for a Holiday Party

Whether you’re going stag or with that special someone special in your life, you want to ensure your outfit and accessories are on point. A typical black-tie gala calls for classy jewels that will shine with its uber-formal setting and attire.

That said, many women still want a bit of sparkle, so make a statement by adding diamonds or gemstones. You can do this in an understated way with stud earrings or a simple silver chain necklace.

●     Necklace Suggestions as a Wedding Guest

As a wedding guest, you can make a fashion statement by showing off your style and taste in jewelry. However, ensure not to use jewelry that calls attention away from the bride. It is okay to be chic, but don’t overdo it with huge, dramatic jewelry.

A pearl necklace is beautiful, elegant, and bold. There are lots of different styles and colors to choose from, so you can find something that works with your dress, colors, and theme. One thing is for sure, though: pearls are timeless and will always look good on you!

If you’re looking for a piece that has more of an impact than just a single strand of pearls, look no further than a choker set. Chokers tend to come in sets, allowing you to create an elegant look with just one piece.

Some people like to mix and match different colors or patterns to make their neckpieces stand out even more.

●     Necklace Suggestions for a Fun Night Out

Whether you’re getting ready to hit the town or going out to dinner with a loved one, necklaces are a great way to add some personality and pizzazz to your outfit. When choosing jewelry to wear out at night, we recommend jewelry that shows your personal style.

Choose an elegant pendant necklace if you want to let your neckline steal attention from that new eye-catching ring on your finger. In addition, a charming beaded necklace is sure to turn some heads.

●     For Brunch with the Ladies

A brunch with friends is a perfect occasion to wear a necklace with a delicate theme. The silvery, subtle theme of the necklace can be a great complement to your outfit.

You can go for a necklace with a floral theme or one with a delicate motif to match the delicate makeup look you are going for. You will dazzle with a gold-plated necklace adorned with colored gemstones.

4.   Consider Necklace Length and Style

A necklace with a delicate strand is best with more modest outfits and shorter necklines. However, bolder pieces look great on those days when you want to make a statement.

To choose your perfect pendant length, consider your body shape: someone with a short neckline might need to wear a longer necklace to accentuate her face and draw attention upward.

A long-necked woman, however, can get away with wearing a piece that hits just below her collarbone. Simply put, your jewelry should tie your look together and bring balance to any potential monotone or mismatch problems.


Choosing the right necklace for an event can be a cumbersome task, but it’s worth every stress. This guide has given you some in-depth tips and suggestions for finding the right jewelry and pairing them with your outfit and other jewelry.

You can only get it right with these tips and ideas, so you are well on your way to choosing the perfect necklace for the right occasion.


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