Are Diabetes Patients Qualified for Disability Benefits?


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Diabetes mellitus is a type of illness leading to elevated blood sugar levels. This hurts the overall functioning of the body. As per the data provided by CDC, More than 10.5% of the citizens in the United States are patients with diabetes. Diabetes is one of the most harmful diseases that can lead to numerous health problems. In severe cases of diabetes, the patient may become blind. It also leads to impaired hands and feet and an increased rate of heart illnesses and strokes. Living a life with diabetes can be debilitating as it also significantly impacts an individual’s employment and working abilities. Contact Pekas Smith: Arizona Disability Attorneys, for assistance in your case. 

Qualifying for social security disability benefits

To be eligible for seeking Social Security benefits for disability, the applicant is required to have a health condition that is serious enough to cause an impairment that stops the individual from engaging in work-related tasks for a minimum of 12 months. Other than that, If the patient has uncontrollable diabetes diagnosed by a certified medical healthcare professional, he or she is eligible to seek disability benefits provided by Social Security. To do that, the applicant must prove that the diabetes symptoms are causing limitations in the performance of work-related activities and that the individual is struggling with gaining any employment suitable for their health condition, age, skills, and expertise.

The Social Security administration thoroughly assesses the medical documents provided by the healthcare professional and testimonies given by acquaintances or family members of the applicant to check the level of seriousness present in the case. The assessment is done to analyze the effect of diabetes on the life of a specific applicant and the restrictions brought by eight in terms of continuing work and getting employment.

List of Impairment

The SSA has a specific list containing all the impairments eligible for disability benefits depending on the severity of the health problem. If the situation of the applicant fits the criteria of the impairment listed, the applicant will be eligible to receive the benefits provided by the Social Security Administration for disability.

Diabetes is not listed as an impairment that is eligible for seeking disability benefits on its own. However, the health problems arising from diabetes are included in the impairments, which are eligible for seeking benefits. If the applicant manages to display that the health complications resulting from their diabetes are causing them difficulty in working, they can seek disability benefits easily.


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