A Step-by-Step Guide on What to Do When You Arrive at the Airport


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Navigating the airport can be an ordeal, especially on a busy travel day when there are thousands of other people trying to do the same thing. But with a little preparation, especially when flying internationally, the process doesn’t have to be something to fear. If you do your research and pack accordingly, you won’t be surprised at Cambridge airport by showing up at the wrong terminal or having to leave prohibited items in luggage storage in Cambridge. If being late, lost, or having to leave bags in luggage storage in Cambridge doesn’t sound fun, here are a few things you can do to make your life easier when taking a flight.

Before You Arrive

If you aren’t checking a bag, most airlines will allow you to check in online up to 24 hours before your flight. You can print your boarding pass at home, or better yet, download a digital copy of it to your phone so you won’t have to carry a paper version. 

Most airlines require your bag to be 50 pounds or less. Look up what your airline requires and make sure your bag is within weight restrictions. If you arrive with a bag that’s too heavy, you may have to empty a few things out before your flight and keep them in luggage storage in Cambridge. 

It’s also a good idea to find out from which terminal your airline is flying so you know where to go when you get to the airport. You’ll want to arrive two hours prior to departure in case there are long lines at security. If it’s an early morning flight, be sure to set an alarm so you don’t oversleep. 

Go to the Check-In Counter

If you’re checking baggage, head straight to the check-in counter upon arrival. You’ll have to show identification, most likely a driver’s license for a domestic flight or a passport for international travel. They will provide you with a boarding pass if you need one.

Head Through Security

After checking in, your next step is the security check. Upon arrival, you will need to show your ID and ticket to the TSA agent at the head of the line. 

After that, you will approach the x-ray screening. You will need to remove your shoes and jacket and send them through the x-ray machine. Laptops also must go in a bin, as well as any liquids you are carrying, in their own plastic bag. If you haven’t followed directions, like having excess liquids or other prohibited items, they will either be confiscated or you’ll need to leave them behind at luggage storage in Cambridge. When your bags have gone through screening, you will be instructed to enter a metal detector or stand as an agent checks you with a wand. 

If you want to avoid some of the lines and regulations, getting approved for TSA Precheck can be a much faster process. Look into it before the next time you fly.

Find Your Gate

After you’ve put your shoes back on and repacked your bag, you should find your departure gate. It will be printed on your boarding pass, but it’s a good idea to check the departure boards as well. Gates can sometimes be changed at the last minute. Make your way to your gate to double check it’s the right one for your flight. 

Last Minute Items

Now that you’ve found your gate, you can either take a seat nearby and wait to be called, or if you have time, you can take care of any other last minute tasks. If you need to use the restroom, this is a great time. You can also buy any food or snacks you will want on the plane, like a cup of coffee, some gum, or a newspaper. If you have more time, you could have a drink or meal at a bar or restaurant in the terminal. Anything that will make your flight more comfortable. 

Get On Board

When it’s time to board your plane, your group will be called by your gate attendants. Make sure you’re listening so you don’t miss your time. When you’re called, you will show your boarding pass to the ticket attendant and then you’re free, to get on the plane. 


Upon landing, exit the plane in an orderly fashion. Grab your carry-on bags and if you have checked luggage, follow the signs to baggage claim. Next, you will make your way to the transportation area, where you will find the right area to be picked up by car, cab, rideshare, bus, train, or other method of travel. You can head home, to a hotel, or drop your bags in a locker at luggage storage in Cambridge and get right to sightseeing!


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