5 Tips For Using Nectar Collector Like A Pro!


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Nectar collectors are simple and easy to use. Since they have grown in popularity over the past few years, you might consider getting one to make dabbing easier and less messy. The device is regarded as the next level because of its comfort. It is a heated straw used to smoke. It has a heated dabbing pipe on one end that is dipped into the wax, while the opposite side is used to breathe in the vapor created. The ideal mixture to smoke is wax and oil concentrate.

When you select the best nectar collector, you get your money’s worth because they are simple, straightforward, cost-effective, and portable devices while also wasting no wax. Even though the instruments are simple, many people have no idea how to use them like a pro! 

Here are ways in which you can master vaping.

  1. Clean The Device Before Use

Start with a fresh one every time. Even the best nectar collector will fail if not cared for properly. The taste and potency of your concentrate may be impacted by impurities introduced by a dirty tool. Use fresh nectar as well to keep the device in perfect condition. The nectar that is too old, hot, or exposed to the sun for an extended period loses quality and potency.

  1. Heat It First And Start Slow

Warm up the tool first. It can be quickly done by submerging it in hot water or using a torch. Move slowly and only collect the minimal amount of nectar needed once your collector has reached the proper temperature. Doing so gives you a sense of how it operates and the amount of nectar it can collect with one smoke.

  1. Preserve The Nectar For Optimum Use

The devices work best when heated to a set degree of temperature. The nectar will lose quality if it’s heated to a boiling stage. It would be better if you took precautions while heating it. For example, it should not reach the boiling point. After heating, letting it cool will help guarantee you get the best nectar possible.

  1. Practice Safekeeping 

Dabbing has benefits but expired nectar does more harm than good. Always use a clean container when collecting nectar. It will be in its purest state as a result of this. Not only that but the vessel ought to be put in a dimly lit area. It is well-known that nectar loses quality if exposed to heat or light for an extended period. It will retain more potency if you store it dark and cool.

  1. Consume Soon After Acquiring

It would help if you used nectar within a few days of being collected. It tends to lose its good quality and possibly lose some of its potency if it is not consumed within a few days.


The device is not one component but typically consists of multiple pieces that must precisely fit together and are intricate in design. Always buy from a reputable company to avoid the possibility that a minor manufacturing flaw will render the entire nectar collector useless.


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